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Swekshya, young doctor from Nepal, improves access to health care among women LINK
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Dua Peserta Indonesia Menangkan Kompetisi Proposal Pembangunan Berkelanjutan LINK
‘Youth Global Forum 2016’ Sukses Hadirkan 150 Pemuda dari 29 Negara LINK
Mahasiswa UGM Menang Kompetisi Bisnis Youth Global Forum LINK


Date and place: March 29 – April 1, 2012, New Delhi, India.

Par­tic­i­pants: 232 young activists, experts, VIP guests from 39 coun­tries and stu­dents of Jawa­har­lal Nehru Uni­ver­sity (New Delhi).

Theme: Coun­try and Soci­ety of My Dreams.

Goal: Develop new gen­eral mod­els of the new soci­ety of the XXI century.

Result: A global project “The World of My Dream” helps to cre­ate and visu­alise an image with ideal countries.

The win­ning social project “Health For Female Com­mu­nity Lead­ers” cre­ated and pre­sented by the recent med­i­cine grad­u­ate from Nepal Swek­shya Neupane.

Happy Grandma

Happy Granma project inspired by Renu Shakya (Nepal) and sup­ported by Loescher Fam­ily has got off to a good start.

ONUS — A Lead­er­ship Pro­gram

A Lead­er­ship Pro­gram “ONUS” is aimed to trans­form uni­ver­si­ties into a breed­ing ground for empa­thetic lead­ers who apply their Head, Heart and Hands to effec­tively drive change.

Train of Friendship

The aim of the project is to improve rela­tions between the EU and Rus­sia on the level of peo­ple (civil soci­ety) by engag­ing in inter­cul­tural dia­logue, break­ing stereo­types about our respec­tive cul­tures and learn­ing about each other’s way of life in order to pro­mote peace, dia­logue and friend­ship between our respec­tive nations.


Studen’Trip is a social ven­ture that orga­nizes trips for Moroc­can Uni­ver­sity Stu­dents aged between 18 – 25 years old who want to help the com­mu­nity in Moroc­can rural areas. The indus­try of tourism in Morocco is grow­ing and becom­ing more and more attrac­tive. “Studen’Trip” ser­vice will allow stu­dents to do com­mu­nity work and con­nect them with peo­ple in need who live in the Moroc­can rural areas. Studen’Trip is a social ven­ture but it is also a busi­ness that aims to gain profit in order to keep the busi­ness and the social impact sustainable.

Con­fer­ence on dig­i­tal game-​based learning

The goal of the Con­fer­ence is to pro­vide a floor for delib­er­a­tions on strate­gies, poli­cies and best prac­tices of Infor­ma­tion and com­mu­ni­ca­tions tech­nol­ogy (ICT) appli­ca­tion in edu­ca­tion, as well as on devel­op­ment and imple­men­ta­tion of inno­v­a­tive teach­ing and learn­ing method­olo­gies.

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